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The Rights Managed (RM) Collections

The foundation of our Rights Managed (RM) image bank, the stock collection features travel photography, standard stock images and lifestyle photographs. We have one of the largest specialized professional photo collections of the city of Montreal and the Province of Quebec. On the travel front, please see the unique collections from Beijing, Brazil, Costa Rica, Oman, DubaiYemen including Socotra Island, Mauritania, Vietnam, EgyptIceland and Laos. We also offer an outstanding assortment of photographs on the Globalization and Multicultural themes. The beauty of children from the four corners of the world have a special place in Tatiana’s heart, you will find hundreds of portraits capturing childhood in different countries…..

As a Montreal based company, the collection of our beautiful city is our largest but we also enjoyed producing the collections for Quebec, Atlantic Canada and BC. We expect to grow our Toronto and Ontario collections.  

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The Royalty-Free (RF) Collection – Imagine

This is Tatiana’s latest creation. It’s a collection that lets our imagination travel into a whimsical world of colours and textures. The photos were taken exclusively on iPhone and liberally use stylized filters. The images are sold under a Royalty Free license (RF) which allows for reuse by the client for any purpose aside from resale.

This is a light collection, focusing on a celebration of the randomness of our world, on the moments that we walk past often without noticing. Unlike the Rights Managed collection, the imagine collection isn’t focused on culture or community but is instead a fun reflection of all the quirkiness of our world, our fellow humans, and the natural world. The collection is ideal for web design, marketing campaigns and social media but is also well suited for anyone who might be looking to have colorful, apolitical, yet intriguing art on their walls.